When I Swear at My Kids – It’s Time for MRT

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There’s always that period leading up to summer when I think, This summer will be different. But then August rolls around and I think, Next summer, NEXT summer I’ll crack the summer-with-four-kids code. As you know, it’s very challenging for me to behave myself and be kind to my family. Last night, I hollered to my children in the back of the car while I was driving, “We’re doing nothing tomorrow. NOTHING. If Mommy can’t take a few simple minutes to listen to her phone messages on the way home without all of you fighting in the background, then Mommy can’t take time to go to fun places with you. I’m done. Done.”

Yup—I need a break.

All four kids are heading to sleepaway camp on Sunday (Hallelujah). After that, we have a little trip with our extended family planned (double Hallelujah). And then it will be time to get ready to head back to school (quadruple Hallelujah). If I’m finding myself saying over and over again, “Give me a (#$%&) break,” it’s time for me to give me a #$%& break. I need time away from children, time away from house chores, and I’m also going to take some time away from the blog. I’ll be back in the fall with weekly posts, but until then—it’s Mama Restoration Time (MRT).

Mama Restoration Time has been
brought to me by the only person
capable of bringing me restoration time:


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