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Distance Learning Extended – Surviving Another Corona Blow

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While Guildford Public School children were scheduled to switch from the hybrid learning model to a full-time model on the 19th of this month, the decision was made to continue using the hybrid model. You know the one—the one where kids are home the amount of time they used to be in school, and in school the amount they used to be home. Yeah, that one. Needless to say, I was crushed. And yes, I cried when I got the email on Tuesday night. Wouldn’t you?

But something magical managed to hold me together this week.

About a month ago, while talking with my neighbor about my frustrations concerning my health and nutrition, she suggested an online program I might want to try. I looked into it and was very intrigued. But, I know myself—I really struggle with keeping up an ‘at home’ workout routine. But, this time, instead of giving up on the idea, I decided to recruit my friends and family members to join me on a three-week fitness journey. I told them to look into it and if they were interested, we’d be starting on October 12th.

The comradery and connection through texts and phone calls brought a joy and humor to my week that I was not only yearning for, but ended up truly needing.

I miss feeling in control. I miss feeling strong. I miss people. Being committed to a program with others allowed me to take some control back, feel more connected to my body, all while laughing and being held by others. It really took the sting out of what felt like a big blow. Now the only thing that stings are my abs from all these crunches!

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