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Summer Rerun #4 – Control the Stuff Rather Than the People

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Oh TeamC, as we’re looking back at some old favorite episodes, I’m loving the reminder of this post. I have evolved SO MUCH when it comes to control! It has taken a while, but by practicing the art of “letting go,” over and over again, I am so different today than I was six years ago.…And of course, we can’t forget about the little trick that I mention in this post that helped get me there…Enjoy!


When we travel, the state of the MamaDe Mobile can make me irritable without even knowing it. At times I feel like I’m drowning in all the wrappers, spilled food and drink bottles. But what’s really going on is that I’m struggling with being out of control of my environment.

Trying to manage everything around me has held me back from a great deal of serenity in my life. No matter how much I work on it though, I know I have a personal control quota I have to meet every day. My trick? I control the ‘stuff’ rather than the people. I try to meet the quota by putting everything in its place, rather than everyone in their place. But on a road trip there’s so much out of place, which really affects my ability to behave myself.

There was a time when I truly believed everyone else was making me miserable. Now I understand that every problem I have with you, is really a problem I have with me. This all feels like growing up and when it comes to ‘letting go’ of the state of the family vehicle, I still have some growing up to do.


This post was short, but it has been mighty for me. Next week we’re going to revisit that oftentimes awkward reentry into “life AFTER vacation.” See ya soon!

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